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Judith Shevell

I began creating art quilts in 1997 as a means of exploring close relationships with others. Once I started making them, the ideas kept on coming, and now my quilts almost make themselves.

When not working out relationships, I’m focusing on natural themes.  I’m a botanist by training, and my experience shows up repeatedly in my quilts.  Plant anatomy and pathology fascinate me.  In plants, disease alters growth and appearance in unusual ways.

I’m not sure what I will be working on in the future.  My muse and I are traveling together to explore new territories.  I don’t believe in doing things by the book and am a big fan of winging it. If you don't know how something is supposed to be done, you’re much freer to just get it done—any which way you can. There are no wrong decisions, just design opportunities!

I have exhibited and received awards at various international venues since 2001.  Magnoliation is published in The Huts Magazine #4 (2022 by Osobuanomola Catherine Bardi, Tosobuafo Matilda) and Tahiti is published in 500 Art Quilts: An Inspiring Collection of Contemporary Work (500 Series) by Ray Hemachandra and Karey Bresenhan (Lark Publishing, 2010). My quilts are in private and corporate collections in the US and abroad. I'm also an instructor of Story Quilts.


Making custom quilts for you and your family!

Do you have a story you'd like visualized in a quilt? Are you interested in a custom quilt based on a photograph you have?

I'll work with you to make your vision a reality. Fees are loosely based on the dimensions of the quilt. The techniques used determine the price; machine techniques cost less than hand techniques. Appliqué is accomplished by both machine and hand, piecing by machine, and quilting by both hand and machine. Consultation, including discussion of photo and design possibilities, is free of charge.


Many Thanks

Artist About Photo photographed by Kelsey Floyd, Summer Wild, Magnoliation, Sunflower Mosaic, Branching Out, Summer Lily, Retro Foliage, Rubdeckia, Orbicular, Ginkgo Biloba, are photographed by Parvathi Kumar; Chakra Mandala, Typha Glauca 1 & 2, Chakra Pond, Dragon Lady, Fertility, Pines Family Photos, Dancing on Mt. Masada at Sunrise, Saving Fish From Drowning, Stream of Consciousness: Emily, Rolling Staccato are photographed by Paul Romanowski; Humuhumu Nukunuku-A-Pua'a Ame Ohana, Deb and Lori's Quilt, Emily and the Night Sky, Fire in the Serengeti, Friday, and Kara's Quilt are photographed by JSK Artist's Photography Services; and Agnes' Quilt, Anthurium, Coral Reef, Hidden Forest, Intimacy, Margarittaville, Mary and Mike at Selsey, Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, Rainforest, She Did the Right Thing, Sheila's Journey, Sweet Leilaini, Tahiti, The Bead Lady, The Worry Tree, Tree Anatomy, are photographed by Image Up Studios.