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Quilt Details:

Year: 2005
Collection: John Paul Wilder
Dimensions: 55″ H x 73″ W
Technique: Hand appliqué, Machine pieced, Machine quilted

Central image inspired by:

Strange Attractor Symmetric Fractal by J.C. Sprott


Intimacy is a study of intimate relationships. There are many types of intimacy. A theme common to all is that with intimacy comes risk.

I used contrasting colors to give a vibratory edge in order to represent the risks inherent in any intimate relationship. To me, intimacy is best represented by an organic shape, and fractals seemed to be most appropriate.

The gray bargello background allowed the central image to pop and provided additional movement to the piece. The circular movement of the central image is echoed in the border.

What the exact role of the lighter 'petal' in the central figure has been intentionally left up to each viewer to decide, thus adding another example of intimacy - intimacy of a viewer with art.