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Beauty and Tranquility

Quilt Details:

Year: 2014
Collection: Lori Arrechea
Dimensions: 37″ H x 32 1/2″ W
Technique: Hand appliqué, Machine quilted.`

I am looking forward to my third quilt, soon to be completed, and consider myself very lucky to display these true, unique works of art!

Lori Arrechea

Commission Quilt for Reception area of Ezential Wellness Yoga and Holistic Center

Chakra Pond is based on a photo I took of a stream near my home. In my fabric collection, I found the perfect background hand dyed piece of fabric from Judy Robertson which had the same emotional feel as did the actual stream. Lori wanted willow trees, lily pads and butterflies which were included. The lily pads are in the Chakra colors in order from closest to the viewer to farthest away.

The Quilts Compliment My Space

Custom Creations, Attention To Detail

I own a yoga/wellness center, and Judy has so kindly created two (soon to be three) quilts for me that I proudly have on display. I love how they compliment my space, and the feeling I want to convey. Many of my students remark at how amazing her artwork is in detail, creativity, and beauty. Judy is full of ideas and visions of her own, as she begins work on a new quilt, yet she is also willing to listen to my input, so that in the end I am thoroughly satisfied and immensely happy!
- Lori