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Fertility Details

Year: 2008
Collection: Candace Jania
Dimensions: 42″ H x 34 1/2″ W
Technique: Machine raw edge appliqué, Machine quilted, Hand beaded.

Fertility was made on comission for an accupuncture center

Fertility was a commission for Candace Jania's accupuncture office to honor her work on improving the reproductive health of her clients.

The scene is the woods in spring when life is beginning again. Included in the quilt are the 5 elements: water, represented by the stream; wood, represented by the trees; earth, represented by the ground; fire, represented by the phoenix rising out of the fire; metal, represented by the metallic beads in the flowers and water. Also hidden in the scene and in the quilting are chickens, eggs, rabbits and other symbols of fertility.