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Quilt Details

Year: 2012
Collection: Emily Shevell
Dimensions: 28” H x 18 ¼” W
Technique: Sky computer printed from original photograph, Machine pieced, fused, Hand appliquè, Machine quilted, Details added with pastel pencils


When my daughter Emily was visiting Israel in 2009, one of the sites she visited was Masada, an isolated rock cliff of palaces and fortifications in the Judean desert overlooking the Dead Sea. After climbing up the mountain early in the morning, she decided she needed to dance on Mt. Masada at sunrise to celebrate the hike, to welcome the sun, to honor the people who defended Masada. This quilt is an interpretation of a photo documenting the dance.

Prepared as sample for class

This quilt was created as a sample for a class. The techniques used included printing out the sky on treated fabric and using fusible web for the ground.