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Quilt Details:

Year: 2014
Collection: Emily Shevell
Dimensions: 36” H x 46 ½” W
Technique: Machine pieced, Hand appliqué, Photoshop manipulated images, Machine quilted


Emily (during early high school days): “Mom, I want to get a tattoo”
Me: “Ok, when you pay for your own health insurance”

Emily surprisingly accepted that requirement and waited until she was, indeed, paying for her own health insurance. She decided to get a tattoo of an elephant, as to her, elephants represent family.

Story continued:

Using a photo of her tattoo as an outline, I added images of our family, starting with her great grandparents as the foot/foundation of the elephant Pines family, moving up to my generation near the top/head.

After the quilt was done, I thought that if I had had the patience, I could have added more dimension by carefully placing lights/darks in the photos. But, that would have meant extra time and Photoshop skills I didn’t have (yet).