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Quilt Details:

Year: 2000
Collection: Emily Shevell
Dimensions: 46″ H x 52 1/2″ W
Technique: Hand and machine appliqué, Machine quilted, Hand beaded


Friday was designed by my daughter, Emily, when she was 11 years old.

Just for fun, we were rummaging through my fabric stash. When Emily saw the frog fabric, she said, "Mom, it reminds me of the frogs in that book I like, Tuesday, by David Weisner." So I began the hunt for material that could work as lily pads, and...a new quilt was born, based on the book. Emily ran off and sketched her ideas--a house, a cat, birds--of things that might go with the frogs.

Story (Continued):

She chose the fabrics and arranged the pieces for the sky on the floor (it was a challenge to sew them together in the correct order!). To make sure that no one would confuse the title of the book with her quilt, Emily decided to name it Friday, because...well...just because.