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Quilt Details:

Year: 2010
Collection: John Paul Wilder
Dimensions: 33 ½” H x 45” W
Technique: Hand and machine raw edge appliqué, Machine quilted

The Story:

On a warm winter day, John and I took a walk in the woods by the stream fed from lake runoff. As we ambled around the lake, we noticed two guys working on the drain shutoff valve. Wondering why, we continued walking by the stream. Further along the trail, we noticed tons of fish, stranded on the rocks or in small pools, flopping around for dear life...literally drowning in air.

John crossed the rocks and began flinging live fish into deeper water and tossing dead fish onto the snow bank to feed the foxes and vultures. He must have flung over a hundred fish into deeper water, including bass, perch, and koi (I now know where my neighbor's koi pond fish may have ended up).

We had a great walk, and did our best to save as many fish as we could from drowning!